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Find simple and easy to understand answers for questions on gate repair and door maintenance here. Learn what to do when you have problems with the gate remote and about common rolling gate issues and their solutions.

What do I have to do when my remote control becomes defective?

Remote controls are battery operated devices. Often when the light of the remote control does not flash when the remote button is pressed, changing the batteries will let the remote function properly again. No need to call for gate repair. These batteries are not special batteries. You can get them from supermarkets. Devices with batteries often become defective when the batteries are drained.

What is the most common problem encountered with solid sliding gates?

Leaves, stones and other obstructions tend to get lodged on sliding gate tracks. These obstructions over time can cause a sliding gate to get stuck and prevent the motor from functioning smoothly. Keeping your tracks free of debris with just the use of an ordinary broom can help keep the problem caused by obstructions from occurring. It is a simple maintenance task that will go a long way.

What is the biggest gate that can be automated?

Most residential openers work with gates up to 500 kilograms, say our experts in Sierra Madre. However, there are commercial systems which can operate gates as big as 3.5 tons. You need to take into account the weight of your gate and ensure that the opener's motor can handle it.

How do we select gates?

Make sure the gate opening is sufficient for your car. The material is resistant to the local climate. The residential gate openers have the right sensors and the motor has sufficient power for the movement of the gate. Parts must be of high quality materials since they're installed outside.

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